Oh hey there! I’m Lindsey.

I’m a 37 yr-old basic white chick who lives with her husband, Dave, and 7 month old daughter, Quinn, in the suburbs of Chicago.

During the 9-5 hours, I earn the mediocre bucks as a Graphic Designer. It means I get to create stuff and hopefully leave the world a little prettier than it started every day.

For good time funsies I like to run long races that give me an excuse to eat all the carbs in my pantry and listen to murder mystery audio books in preparation for the day the FBI calls me to crack “THE BIG CASE” (TM)

Feel free to drop me a note to say hi or tell a joke. I promise to write back with an abundance of words that will feel like nothing short of an unsolicited hug.

Want to know what this blog is all about? Read my first post where I explain the ins, outs and upside downs.


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